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Our exclusive range of fine vaping devices are expertly engineered to deliver quality and consistency at every vape.
The Vappease Lite and Vappease Classic are both user-friendly, reliable and discreetly stylish portable vaping devices.

By working with the best manufacturers in the industry and testing our products to strict EU standards, we provide just the right amount of vapor every time. Our airflow and timings are set to ensure safe and comfortable use and heat our distillate to the ideal temperature for the most effective vaping experience.

Innovation and ease are what we do best, which is why our team are constantly developing new products and technologies to pair with our unique fragrances.

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The Vappease Lite

Disposable, fully charged and high quality extraction

0,3ml – 30% CBD

The pre-filled and fully charged Vappease Lite contains 0,3ml of our high-quality distillate and is designed to be reliable, easy to use and disposable. Containing more active ingredient than many rival products on the market, whose concentration levels are frequently as low as 10%, the Lite boasts a minimum of 30% CBD.
Light, reliable, fully charged and ready to go, The Vappease Lite is a great place to start exploring the world of CBD and the multiple benefits it can provide


Rechargeable, 510 CCELL cartridges + CCELL battery and full spectrum distillate

0,5ml – 50% CBD Full spectrum

Our prefilled 510 cartridges, containing 0,5ml of our high-quality distillate and universal 510 batteries compatible. Simply order a cartridge now or get started with our kit. Containing 50% CBD Full Spectrum, the Vappease Classic is the perfect addition to your existing pen and the perfect place to start.



Fully integrated device and controlled airflow system

0,5 mL – 40/70 % CDB Extract

Both elegant and discreet, the Vappease Gold is our first fully integrated state of the art vaping device. It provides the best possible quality vaping experience thanks to its controlled airflow system seamless detachable cartridges. The Vappease is specifically designed to heat our own distillate, to the perfect vaping temperature, providing a top quality taste, along with a safe and reliable Vape.


Do not shake the pod. Do not open it. Do not expose to heat. This is not medication and it doesn’t replace a healthy, balanced way of life. When not in use, store your Vappease kit in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. We encourage you to keep this beautiful Vappease box to store anything that fits inside even if you don’t plan to store Vappease kit there

“The whole experience was just as described, the perfect vape and no nasty headache like other brands.”

Dominique LaRue, Happease user
“When I saw Honeytime was expertly blending terpenes, with only the highest quality concentrates
and active extracts while all exceptionally well packaged, I got very excited.”
Gabriel Turner, CEO Simply Green
“Our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality,
natural cannabis and cannabidiol products on the market.”
Cédric Val, Co-founder and executive director

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