The Formulas

Born from our teams time working on remote hemp farms deep in the jungles of Nepal and India, and on technology led cannabis plantations in California, we developed a unique range of fragrances, exclusive to Happease customers.

Experiences, emotions and memories have been poured into developing and perfecting these fragrances. We expertly extract and blend the best Californian varieties (Kush,Cookies,…) along with the highest quality natural oils and extracts, to create profiles which match any mood.

Each with its own unique set of attributes and benefits, you can feel fresh and dynamic or simply chilled and relaxed with the touch of a button.

no-thcNo THC

The famous Tetrahydrocannabinol. Despite the respect we have for this molecule, you won’t find any THC in our products.

no-pgNo PG

Propylene glycol is a thinning agent used mostly in nicotine e-juices. It breaks down to acetaldehyde and formaldehyde when heated to 230°C. We recommend avoiding any products that list this as an ingredient.

no-vgNo VG

Vegetable glycerin is another substance that is mostly used in nicotine e-juices. It has several negative side-effects including nausea. Again, avoid it if possible.

no-smokeNo Nicotine

Tobacco products in general are highly addictive and trigger deadly diseases, such as cancer, affecting even vital organs like the heart, lungs or liver. That’s why there is no nicotine in our products.

Mountain-river classic

TERPENE PROFILE: Limonene, Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool, Beta Pinene, Humulene, Fenchol, Alpha Pinene, Terpineol, Phytol, Alpha Bisabolol, Camphene, Borneol, Pulegone.

Mountain River

FRAGRANCE: Earthy, woody, pine scent

Imagine the beauty of a meandering river gently flowing down a mountain pasture. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that instils feelings of constancy, relaxation and strength, sentiments only nature can provide. Appreciating everything around you while experiencing a perfect combination of calm and contentment. This is exactly what we had in mind when we crafted our Mountain River blend.

OG Kush is a Famous hybrid strain with a distinctive earthy, pine, woody aroma and is well-known for its relaxing and calming properties. It is ideal for people looking for a refreshing and dynamic response.

EFFECTS: Attention, motivation, drive and improved focus.

Jungle Spirit

FRAGRANCE: Sweet, fruity, pungent, tropical

Want to feel invigorated and energised, with the motivation to turn your plans and ideas into reality, to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes? Then Jungle Spirit is what you need.
This Banana Kush blend, a delightful hybrid strain with a gentle banana aroma helping you concentrate and focus your mind. The vivifying effect of a gentle walk along a peaceful jungle path was our source of inspiration for this fragrance.

We developed this blend based on Banana Kush. Its tropical, sweet-tasting is the result of the combination of Skunk Haze with Ghost OG. Perfect for some jungle meditation.

EFFECTS: Soothed, care-free, uplifted, energetic.

Jungle-spirit classic

TERPENE PROFILE: Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Fenchol, Terpineol, Ocimene, Humulene, Alpha Bisabolol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Camphene, Borneol, Phytol.

strawberry-field classic

TERPENE PROFILE: Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Ocimene, Humulene, Fenchol, Terpineol, Terpinolene, Geranyl Acetate, Phytol, Camphene.

Strawberry Field

FRAGRANCE: Strawberry, Sweet, Berries

For those who have never experienced the euphoria of taking a stroll through a strawberry field, we created our very own Strawberry Field experience. This fruity blend is a hybrid of Strawberry Bubblegum and Ghost OG terpenes, combining their properties for ultimate sense of relaxation. Sit back, relax and take in the scenery while feeling uplifted and content.

This sweet berry blend is a hybrid crossing of Ghost OG and Strawberry Bubble Gum’s phenotype. Indica-dominant Strawberry Field is meant to deliver an uplifting, relaxed euphoria..

EFFECTS: Soothed, care-free, uplifted, energetic.

Chart of Terpenes

Whatever your favourite fruit or flower may be, the terpenes in its scent or taste tell your brain exactly what it is that you’re smelling or tasting. However, the most important thing to remember about terpenes is that, every time terpene molecules come in to contact with the lungs, mouth or skin, they affect the way you feel.
The distinct composition of terpenes within a certain plant generates a specific essential oil, specific to a single plant species, such as Lavender, Cannabis or Rose and each varieties have it’s own terpene profile


  • 176°
  • Citrus, lemon, orange
  • Elevated mood, stress relief
  • Citrus rinds, juniper, peppermint
  • Anti-depression, anti-anxiety,  helps with gastric reflux, antifungal


  • 198°
  • Woody, earthy
  • Supresses appetite
  • Hops, coriander
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial


  • 155°
  • Sharp, sweet, pine
  • Memory retention, alertness
  • Pine needles, conifers, sage
  • Anti-inflammatory, helps with asthma


  • 198°
  • Floral, citrus, spice
  • Sedating, calming
  • Lavender, citrus, laurel, birch, rosewood
  • Helps with insomnia, anti-stress, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, reduces pain and convulsions


  • 160°
  • Pepper, wood, spice
  • No detectable physical effects
  • Pepper, cloves, hops, basil, oregano
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, Reduces muscles spasms and pain, helps with insomnia


  • 168°
  • Musk, cloves, herbal, citrus
  • Sedating, relaxing
  • Mango, thyme, citrus, lemongrass, bay leaves
  • Antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory
  • Boiling point
  • Aromas
  • Effects
  • Also found in
  • Medical benefits

Everything you need to know about terpenes

There are well over 30,000 identifiable terpenes in nature, produced not only by plants but also by animals and bacteria, for example.
Terpenes are also subject to the entourage effect: when they’re associated with other substances and our own hormones, they stimulate specific neurons in the brain, creating a different sensation for every type of terpene.

What terpenes are used for?

As terpenes are all about scent and taste, adding them to any product enhances and improves the product’s fragrance and flavour.
With everything you now know about terpenes, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are commonly used to mimic a specific plant’s flavour and/or scent in a wide range of cosmetic products, perfumes, and food flavourings.

“The whole experience was just as described, the perfect vape and no nasty headache like other brands.”

Dominique LaRue, Happease user
“When I saw Honeytime was expertly blending terpenes, with only the highest quality concentrates
and active extracts while all exceptionally well packaged, I got very excited.”
Gabriel Turner, CEO Simply Green
“Our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality,
natural cannabis and cannabidiol products on the market.”
Cédric Val, Co-founder and executive director

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