How we work

The Happease Way

Be inspired by our journey. The more you get to know us and our work, the more we will be able to transmit our energy and motivation to you.
Step 1:

From Seeds To Harvest


Grow & Harvest

We meticulously selected the best seeds over the world and brought them back with us to our Swiss farms. Our master growers are taking care of our babies in the most respectful way. Harvested by hands, our flowers are outstanding.


1st Lab Test

Our hemp flowers are lab tested to ensure that no unwanted substances (i.e, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins) are making their way to our products. The level of cannabinoids and terpenes are also analyzed.


Critical CO2 Extraction

Carefully selected for their cannabinoids and terpenes profiles, the actives ingredients of the hemp flowers are extracted through a CO2 supercritical process


2nd Lab Test

Our CO2 extracts are lab tested to analyze their cannabinoids and terpenes profiles.



We use a cooling process on our extracts to remove any additional residual substances, such as fats and waxes.

Fractional Distillation

Once the extract is purified, we heat and cool it rapidly to separate and isolate CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.


3rd Lab Test

After distillation, we run other tests to analyze the different ingredients that have been created through the process: CBD distillate, Terpenes and flavonoids

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Step 2:

Purification And Separation

Step 3:


Formulation Of Terpene Profiles

We expertly combine in our GLP Laboratory, our Hemp terpenes with pure botanical terpenes isolates of the highest quality to give our products the flavor, the scent and the effects that make Happease products largely recognized.

Formulation Of The Happease Products

Using precise and controlled methods in our GLP laboratory, we then mix the terpenes with our distilled extracts to create the best blends. We make sure ratios are respected, so every single batch provides the same quality.


4th Lab Test

Before preparing our final product, we systematically perform a third test to check for contamination by residual solvents and to confirm our extracts have been blended properly.


Filling & Packaging

The filling of our oils, vapes and extracts are done in our GLP Laboratory in the strictest hygienic conditions. We didn’t wait for the outbreak of COVID-19 to apply such standards. Packaging of the products are realized by adults with handicap conditions.

Lab Test + Vappease Test

Once any batch is ready and stored in our warehouse, we systematically 3rd party lab test our products to ensure that our Happease products are perfect and ready to use.

delivery truck


Our Delivering partner is taking fastest road in the most hygienic conditions to ensure you receive your package in the best way.

Step 4:


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