Top Shelf CBD vapes

Built from the finest materials and highest technological specifications, our vapes are a World CBD Award Winner! Our premium formulas contain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids solely.
Awarded “Best CBD Vape” in the World in Barcelona in July 2019

When Nature Meets Technology

Together with CCELL, we engineered our cartridges to deliver the most flavourful and safest vapour. They come in 600mg cartridges with a guaranteed amount of 85% CBD + other cannabinoids. We use fully ceramic coils and glass cartridges that are tested rigorously for heavy metals by CCELL in-house. Perfectly leakproof, CCELL products are simply the best on the market. You can vape every last drop of our distillate in the pure flavour and powerful potency.


Great design,
even better performance.

Our CCELL batteries are great examples of our pursuit of perfection. The batteries have the perfect balance between high performance and compact design. While a high discharge rate provides a generous amount of vapour, the handheld size assures the best possible discreteness and convenience for personal carry. Inhale activated, self-adapted optimum temperature setting and no-button design make the Vappease pen friendly to all user groups.

Perfection or nothing

We are testing the distillate 3 times along the way in our in-house and 3rd party laboratories. We even test the final vapour to ensure no content of heavy metals or carcinogenic molecules.
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