Top Shelf CBD vapes

Happease CBD Vapes are recognized and awarded in the Hemp world to be the best of their category. Finest CBD distillate blended with the right ratio of cannabis derived and botanical terpenes.
Awarded “Best CBD Vape” in the World in Barcelona in July 2019

When Nature Meets Technology

Together with CCELL we engineered our cartridges and disposable pens to deliver the most flavourful and safest vapor. We use fully ceramic coil and glass cartridges that are tested rigorously for heavy metals emissions in house by CCELL. Perfectly leakproof, CCELL products are simply the best on the market. You can vape every last drop of our distillate in pure flavour and powerful potency. Our vapes come in two different forms, the Classic (510 Thread) and the Lite (disposable).

The Lite

The lite exists for all you that doesn’t want to commit to vaping for a long period of time.
Disposable pens, easy to use, ready to go.
Don't worry, be Happease.

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