Extracted by Happease,
exceptional by Nature.

To intensify the CBD experience, we pushed the boundaries of derivation from alive cannabis plants and enhanced ancient techniques to create truly unique products. Our CBD extracts start with beautiful Swiss grown hemp flowers. Carefully selected for their cannabinoids and terpenes profiles, the active ingredients of the hemp flowers are extracted and refined through a long and precise process to offer you the purest full-spectrum hemp extracts.

The strongest and purest CBD product on the market

Happease extracts are simply a gift coming from above. The crème de la crème. A high concentration of CBD combined with the perfect amount of terpenes will help you to reach the impossible. Potent and tasty, simply the best.


Crumble is an intersection of new and old generations. It represents modern cannabis. Rocky and yellowish, high percentage concentrate combining different aromas and
sharpy fragrances.

CBD Crumble is the next step to making sure your endocannabinoid system stays happy and balanced. It can either be dissolved into a fat/oil of your choice or vaporized via dabbing or dab-pen.



Little snowflakes of pure CBD isolate measuring at 99.7% CBD purity. It pretty much doesn’t get any purer.

Because these crystals are isolated, taking the precise dosage you need for your condition is easy and effortlessly measurable.



Terpsolate is a Diamond of Terpene Synergy. Each terpene and phyto-complex compound is individually chosen based on an extensive analysis of aroma and flavour. These compounds are then individually infused into a rough diamond, precisely calculated to achieve a potent synergy upon ingestion.

With precision in mind, the infusion method has been tuned to provide a smooth and uniform taste and clean burn.


Live resin

A semi-fluid form, strong and unforgettable aroma manifests the finest and rarest compounds of nature. This is an outcome of good craftsmanship.

Live resin is called ‘live’ because these extractions are made from live plants. What does that affect? Using live plants intensifies the aroma and enhances the terpene profile.


Sugar wax

Waxy and sticky resin with consistency that’s ideal for slow-burning Js and dabbing. Its low viscosity makes it easy on your lungs and provides smooth and mellow smoke.

Reach for the butter – Sugar wax gives you that sparkling and melty experience you’re looking for.


Badder sauce

The new sticky-icky badder sauce embodies the highest quality ingredients of our craft extractions. Our exclusive organic extraction process ends with a creamy and cake batter-like texture. The result is an extraction that provides the consumer with a powerful level of cannabinoids reaching over 85%.



You will enjoy this shatter on its own because of its crystal clear form, or use it to enhance your favourite flower. It has refracting and shattering characteristics making the experience even more special.

We create our concentrate by maintaining a specific temperature and pressure, producing a pure amber glass-like form, fusing compounds into a smooth blend.


Dry ice sift

Produced at a low temperature, our process allows the trichome head to pass through a sieve instead of using a solvent or other harsh chemicals in the extraction process. This beautiful process creates a satisfying and delightful form with specific greyish colour. It is caused by the low hemp presence in the phyto-complex and has an incredible scent.


Ice o later

Pure, mighty, and loaded with all the medicinal benefits of the full plant compounds. The solid yet squeezy form evokes the ancient techniques of these truly unique products.

Woody and earthy aspects play into the whole experience making it spectacular.


La Crème

Highest grade phyto-complex extract embracing unique compounds and intense
aroma due to the pureness of its extraction process. The flower heads are removed from fresh live cannabis plants and placed into a water and ice bath. The same water and ice then act as the carriers that capture the glandules of the trichomes at the bottom of the bath, creating a truly pure and unique cannabis compound.

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