Sweet balanced

Sweet balanced experience

For those who have never experienced the euphoria of taking a stroll through a strawberry field, we created our very own Strawberry field experience.

Sit back, relax and take in the scenery while feeling uplifted and content.

Sweet satisfaction

This fruity blend is a hybrid of Strawberry Bubblegum and Ghost OG terpenes, combining their properties for the ultimate sense of relaxation.

Terpene profile

As terpenes are all about scent and taste, adding them to any product enhances and improves the product’s fragrance and flavour.

Limonene is the most abundant terpene in the Strawberry field. It is characterized by a citrusy, lemony and orange aroma and is also found in citrus rinds, juniper or peppermint.

Limonene is praised for its anti-anxiety, anti-cancer and digestion properties. It can help you elevate your mood and reduce stress.

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