Let your
mind flow

Let your mind flow

Mountain river is an awe-inspiring sight that instils feelings of constancy, relaxation and strength, pure sentiments only nature can provide. Appreciating everything around you whilst experiencing a perfect combination of calm and serenity.

Drift away

Mountain River brings OG Kush within its formula. Is a famous hybrid strain with a distinctive earthy, pine, woody aroma and is well-known for its relaxing and calming properties.

Terpene profile

As terpenes are all about scent and taste, adding them to any product enhances and improves the product’s fragrance and flavour.

Linalool is the most abundant terpene in the Mountain river. It is characterized by a floral, citrusy and spicy aroma and is also found in lavender, citrus, laurel, birch or rosewood.

Linalool is praised for its anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic and pain-relieving properties. It can help you feel sedated and calm, making it easier to fall asleep or simply relax.

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