Lemon Tree

Imagine the beauty of a meandering river gently flowing down a mountain pasture...
Lemon Tree

Citrus Power

Sitting in the old lemon tree in your mother’s garden. You smell that sweet earthy woodnote of the old powerful tree, while your spirits get lifted by the zesty lemon-scented air gently tickling you, like the warm sun tingling on your face.
You feel grounded and energized. Anything is possible. Not too sweet and not too sour, a little tart and just the right twist of citrusy goodness, this taste will elevate your mind and wake up your body. We want to make you shine.

Energetic and physical

A Sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze topped off by two-time Cannabis Cup winner from Franco Loja. This striking blend will win you over with its lemony characteristics, from the smell to the taste – it will leave you vitalised and ready to make the day yours.
Relief from the smell to the taste, lemons are the best to boost your days. Our terpenes profile is alike, energizing relief from the smell to the taste.
Mountain River

Terpenes profile

There are well over 30,000 identifiable terpenes in nature, produced not only by plants but also by animals and bacteria, for example. Terpenes are also subject to the entourage effect: when they’re associated with other substances and our own hormones, they stimulate specific neurons in the brain, creating a different sensation for every type of terpene.
What terpenes are used for?

As terpenes are all about scent and taste, adding them to any product enhances and improves the product’s fragrance and flavour.

The family

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