Disposable Vape Pen prefilled with 30% CBD
The pre-filled disposable pen.
Vappease Lite contains 0,3ml of our high-quality CBD distillate and is designed to be reliable, easy to use and disposable.Containing more active ingredient than many rival products on the market, whose concentration levels are frequently as low as 10%, the Vappease Lite boasts a minimum of 30% CBD.
Elegant, discreet, classy.
Our Vappease Lite disposable pen is both elegant and discreet. It was designed to provide the best possible vaping experience every time.
The airflow system is configured for safe and comfortable use, delivering the best cloud of vape. We use a vertical ceramic coil in our device which heats the distillate to the optimal temperature for the most effective vaping.Made of premium hard plastic, light, reliable, fully charged and ready to go, the Vappease Lite is a great place to start exploring the world of CBD and the multiple benefits it can provide.

Get ready for your unforgettable vaping experience

Simply inhale it, feel it, enjoy it. Done.

Make sure you're vaping

The bottom LED light confirms the correct operation of the device.
The easiest, the litest.
We believe that disposable models can also offer to you completely hassle-free experience with the same extraordinary performance.

Vappease Lite is perfect for the casual consumers who don’t vape often enough to necessitate a battery of their own and constant travelers.

It’s easy to think that disposable model means lower quality, but together with CCELL we successfully broke that stereotype and we are more than happy to be exclusive partner of CCELL at the European market.

CCELL, a partner in device developmnent and research.
Together with CCELL we engineered our cartridges to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, especially high viscosity without any compromise.We use fully ceramic cartridges so no plastic will affect the taste of your favorite Vappease Classic. Disposable design is a guarantee of zero maintenance, perfect leakproofness and high hygienic standard.Food and medical-grade materials show our attentiveness in quality.No need for pre-heating and complete vaporization of every last drop indulge our consumers in pure flavor and powerful potency.

What's included


1x Vappease Lite

Disposable vaping pen with prefilled 30% CBD formula.


1x User manual

Find useful information regarding CBD and the device. Reading it is highly recommended.

Data sheet

Type of device Disposable vaping pen
Available Blends , ,
CBD Concentration 30%
CBD Volume 90mg (approx.)

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