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We blend only the finest quality CBD & CBG concentrates along with 100% natural oils and mixing agents, to provide you with the smoothest and safest vaping experience on the market.

Our range of fine vaping products are stylish, user-friendly, reliable and discreet. Expertly blended concentrates and state of the art devices pair symbiotically to deliver the perfect vape experience.

Our mission

We believe nature has the answer to many of life’s problems. Harnessing the active molecules contained within the cannabis plant, we produce only the highest quality CBD and CBG vaping products.

We champion the use of natural, ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients and strive to drive forward a change in public opinion and perception surrounding the use of the cannabis plant. By collaborating closely with consumers, manufacturers, retailers and national policy makers, we aim to foster a safe, legal, sustainable and ethical global cannabis industry.

CBD and Benefits of Vaping

We have created this guide to give you a general overview of CBD and bring you a step closer to the goal of Happease: make CBD simple and enjoyable.

Beginners Guide to Cannabis

no-thcHigh CBD
Concentrations 30-75 %

no-pgCustom Quality

no-vgEthically & Responsibly

no-smokeQuality Mixing

no-smokeNatural Cannabis


“The whole experience was just as described, the perfect vape and no nasty headache like other brands.”

Dominique LaRue, Happease user
“When I saw Honeytime was expertly blending terpenes, with only the highest quality concentrates
and active extracts while all exceptionally well packaged, I got very excited.”
Gabriel Turner, CEO Simply Green
“Our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality,
natural cannabis and cannabidiol products on the market.”
Cédric Val, Co-founder and executive director

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